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 Custom Designs
 Hand Made
 High Quality Materials 

Welcome to Sunset Paddles

For more than 40 years we have been creating custom pieces of

work for clients all over North America.

Mark Blieske, the man behind Sunset Paddles, creates all projects seen and sold.

Blieske is a teacher, woodworker, historian and artist

who is deeply passionate about his work.


What started as a hobby constructing paddles with his students,

has now expanded into an array of custom pieces designed for clients.

In addition to paddles, we also specialize in custom designed furniture,

metal artwork and birch bark baskets to name a few.


Blieske teaches traditional woodworking techniques to those who

want to learn old school woodworking techniques.

You can find him demonstrating his skills at Festival du Voyageur,

and Fort Whyte nature center each year in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

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